You need

brainy, brawny, beautiful content

that works on your behalf.


I write

powerful, pithy, persuasive copy

that gets the job done.


Your life’s work is helping others live healthier, wealthier, happier lives. My work helps people picture themselves leading such lives—all because of you (or your product, service, or sorcery).

I’m Dawn Klingensmith (pleased to meet you!) and I write lifestyle content that builds relationships and readership for publications and websites. I also write promotional copy and marketing pieces that ignite demand for—and eternal-flame devotion to—products and services.

Hire Dawn.

Get what you pay for.

“Stunning work from an exceptionally wise and talented writer”

— Roger Wright, publisher

“Creative approaches and a unique voice that we love”

— Danita Allen Wood, magazine editor

“A terrific thinker, reporter, and writer with a refreshing energy and spirit”

— Mary Connors, agency president

“Dawn’s insightfulness and versatility as a wordsmith are a reflection of her process: She truly gets to know you.”

— Deb Pang Davis, web designer

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