How to Knock Out a Wall and Not Regret It

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Depending on your aptitude for decision-making, the minutiae of a major remodeling project can be irksome or overwhelming. The range of options for knobs alone is staggering -- hand-burnished copper, brushed nickel, hammered brass, oil-rubbed bronze. But before you sweat the small stuff, there are larger issues to consider.    

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Have a Baby, Lose a Tooth!

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South of the chin, it’s pretty obvious where a woman plumps up during pregnancy. Less noticeably, her gums become swollen, too. Not only are puffy gums painful, but they also pose a risk to the unborn baby.    

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Pay to Work? Sounds Like My Kind of Vacation!

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My woodworking experience is limited to popsicle stick crafts, but that didn't stop me from paying beaucoup bucks to spend a week in Maine learning how to build heirloom-quality furniture. I came back with all 10 fingers and a solid cherry wood dining table, plus this story for the Chicago Tribune Travel section.,0,3219359.story    

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