Ask me anything

(within reason!)

Why should I hire you?

I’m consistent, reliable, talented, and experienced. I freelance full time, not as a side job, so I am readily accessible during the “normal” hours my clients work and my livelihood depends on their satisfaction, repeat business, and referrals.

  • 20 years of professional copywriting experience
  • 15 years as a full-time freelancer
  • 3,000+ published pieces

How much lead time do you need?

That depends on my commitments to existing clients as well as the nature and scope of your project. Once I understand your needs, I’ll give you a work plan with a target completion date and milestones to keep us on track. If you’re working on a major project such as a website redo, it’s best to involve me as early as possible as part of your creative team. That said, I am comfortable jumping in at any stage of a project.

I want a spanking new website. What comes first, copy or design?

Whenever possible, I prefer to work in tandem with your designer or web developer. (I can recommend a designer from my trusty network if you don’t have one.) That’s the best way to achieve perfect harmony between the copy and visual elements. Otherwise, I can write tone-setting copy that guides subsequent design decisions, or if your site is already designed, I can “write to fit” in terms of both space and style.

How much will your services set me back?

I bill by the hour or word, or on a flat-fee, per-project basis depending on the client and type of assignment. Rates are $135 per hour or $2 per word for major media outlets, creative and marketing agencies, and corporate clients. I offer website copy as packages with fixed prices, starting at $1,950. (If your dreams are bigger than your budget, we may be able to strike a deal that doesn’t involve a first-born child.)

Do you provide other creative services besides writing?

Nope, I’m a one-trick pony. However, this pony has access to a stable of creatives, and together, we can offer turnkey services. Or, I can recommend graphic designers, web developers, marketing strategists, and public relations pros.

Still have questions?

Contact me. I have answers. You can also see a selection of my work or learn more about me.