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The copy I create for you won’t sound like any of my previous work because I’ll write in your own unique voice. (Unless you want bylined copy in my own voice, which is rather mellifluous if I do say so myself.) But by all means, take a look at what I’ve done for others, and then let’s discuss what I can do for you.

Website Copy

Alex was not messing around. He wanted his homepage copy to make clear, in as few words as possible, that he’s the perfect web developer for a particular type of client. Alex doesn’t work with just anybody but his homepage copy makes the right people want to work with him.

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My personal challenge writing Kevin’s About page copy (along with the Q&A it links to) was to make it as snazzy as his portrait. He’s wearing a lime-green suit and totally pulling it off. Kevin, a photographer, cares deeply about his art so I imbued his copy with style and substance to reflect who he is and what he offers.

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When a wilderness adventure turns into a worst-case scenario, some swift, serious action—not just praying or cursing or carving a will into your thigh with a Swiss Army knife—is called for. (My original version of this outdoor disaster survival guide explained what to do if you cross paths with Bigfoot, but they cut that part out. Phooey.)

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Depending on your aptitude for decision-making, the minutiae of a major remodeling project can be irksome or overwhelming. The range of options for knobs alone is staggering—hand-burnished copper, brushed nickel, hammered brass, oil-rubbed bronze. But before you sweat the small stuff, there are larger issues to consider. My magazine feature explains how to knock out a wall without, well, knocking your head against the wall.

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My woodworking experience is limited to popsicle stick crafts, but that didn’t stop me from paying beaucoup bucks (albeit tax deductible) to spend a week in Maine learning how to build heirloom-quality furniture. I came back with all 10 fingers and a solid cherry wood dining table, plus this story for the Chicago Tribune Travel section.

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Branded content

The Kohler website has everything plus the kitchen sink. In addition to selling you fancy fixtures, the site aims to inspire you with educational articles on kitchen and bath design. Kohler’s digital agency, The Royal Order of Experience Design (now part of Ogilvy & Mather), hired me to write some sparkling words to complement Kohler’s sparkling wares.

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I write for three major banks’ websites, teaching millionaires how to manage their money. Let me just say that this is not in keeping with the conventional advice to “write what you know.” However, one time I got to write about collecting art—a subject I know enough about to have run out of wall space. I wrote this piece for custom publisher Imagination Publications for their client, Northern Trust.

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Ad copy usually tries to sell something. But in this case, it had to save something. Community hospitals nationwide are struggling and many are expiring. Working with the marketing firm Vivanti Group and their client Community Hospital Corporation, I developed a concept and copy for this print campaign offering a lifeline to hometown hospitals.

Ads for Community Hospital CorporationAds for Community Hospital Corporation

Why would businesses want to set up shop in Addison, Texas? Let’s literally count the ways! In collaboration with Vivant Group (strategic marketing), Matchbox Studio (art direction and design) and Addison’s economic development office, I developed a campaign based on numbers as well as narratives.

Campaign for Addison, TexasCampaign for Addison Texas